Terms of Use

Africa Phone Books developed in less than 20 years, a network of official telephone directories covering almost the entire French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa, parts of Anglophone Africa and several countries in Southeast Asia. Since its inception, the network has continued to densify regularly and its development prospects remain very important. Africa Phone Books also become the benchmark for professional directories Africans.
In 2012:

  • Establishment of selling space directly over the Internet, regardless of the location of the advertiser and the location of the country he seeks to achieve.
  • Development of a network of correspondents in China and India in particular, to explore this new Customer.

This is a directory website terms and conditions template. It is not specific to one type of directory. For example, the website could list other websites, businesses, institutions, locations or individuals.

The template governs the legal relationship between the operator of an online directory and the directory’s users. The base template covers both free and paid listings. In addition, a number of other versions are available:

  • free directory – for websites with no paid listings;
  • paid directory – for websites with no free listings;
  • directory and advertising – for use where the directory offers one or more non-directory advertising schemes;
  • social directory – for directories with social networking features;
  • directory, review and advertising – for website directories that incorporate reviews and distinct advertising schemes (eg banner advertisements);
  • directory, affiliate and advertising – for directories that also earn money through affiliate marketing and paid advertising.

All of the different versions include provisions relating to the procedure for submitting directory entries, the general nature and content of directory entries, and prohibited directory entries.

They also include general rules governing the licensing and legality of user-submitted content. Those rules are applied to directory entries as well as other forms of user content.

The templates all assume that any paid listings or other paid services are being bought by businesses, rather than consumers.

Generally, the terms and conditions favor the interests of the directory operator rather than the user.